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Watch USA Netflix, Hulu and more!

Unlock A World Of Entertainment

Unlock a library so BIG you won't believe your eyes. With just a few simple steps you can have access to USA/UK Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and 100+ other channels! Watch what you want, when you want and in amazing HD.

Limited Numbers

Our strictly limited door closed policy will ensure this service stays exclusive and we don't cause any attention. We don't want to be big, we just want to provide a highly professional service to our VIP members.

Only 1-10 per IP Address

Common DNS/VPN providers that try to give you access to USA content have thousands of users per an IP address making it easier for services to flag and block them. We provide servers with either just you on the IP address right up to a maximum of 10!

Faster Speeds

Many ISP's are known to throttle services like Netflix. Our service streams the content from your own VIP server stopping your ISP from knowing what you are watching. This sees our members enjoying even higher definition streams than they are used to.

Better Than VPN

We are cheaper, faster and easier to set up than other VPN services and still unlock the same amount of entertainment. Average setup time is under 5 minutes and doesn't require any advanced tech degree! READ MORE...

VIP Customer Support

Limited numbers means more specialized support for you. If you have any issues with setup or ongoing issues we have plenty of time to make sure everything is running smooth for you.

our pricing.

simple pricing options. 5-Day FREE TRIAL. shown in usd.

bronze membership

no more than 20 per a box

$3.47/Month (Yearly)


4.95 /month to month

  • Netflix NOT supported (only Gold+ plans)
  • 20 FREE channels included with 1000's of shows and movies.
  • Hulu / Prime / +100 Other Channels (support provided)
  • Fast Streaming Speeds (HD)
  • Watch on Unlimited Devices
  • 5-Day FREE TRIAL
  • Cancel Anytime!
  • Completely Anonymous

diamond membership

No more than 5 per a box

$10.47/Month (Yearly)


$14.95 /month to month

  • Netflix / Hulu / Prime +100 Other Channels
  • Be one of 5 using the DNS box
  • Faster Streaming Speeds (HD)
  • Watch on Unlimited Devices
  • 5-Day FREE TRIAL
  • Cancel Anytime!
  • Online Support
  • Completely Anonymous

VIP membership

Your own private DNS

$13.97/Month (Yearly)


$19.95 /month to month

  • Netflix / Hulu / Prime / Custom Domains +100 Other Channels
  • DNS box is only for you!
  • Blazing Fast Speeds! (HD+4K)
  • Watch on Unlimited Devices
  • 5-Day FREE TRIAL
  • Cancel Anytime!
  • Priority Support
  • Completely Anonymous

Watch what you want

VIP's get the content they want!


from VIP members

Came here after my last provider had too much downtime! Haven't had a problem since :) Thanks!

Chonelle Rlocation: anywhere

From a recent convert - was running another companies display settings, they stopped working, changed to these guys yesterday and today I'm watching netflix and hulu, really good support and flawless instructions, I was very impressed !!

Allister BLocation: Anywhere

Quick and easy setup and finally I am getting a constant HD stream for netflix (used to jump in and out of HD all the time). Thanks guys!

Nick MLocation: Anywhere

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9th Mar 2021 - The Issue with HULU on certain devices has been fixed, thanks for your patience :)